MammaRhi ( @mammarhi_ )

14 August, 2019
Today has been one of those days. It is the first time I’ve experienced my baby being poorly and as a new mother it’s normal to panic slightly. Doctors visited and calpol given. Also, does anybody else search frantically on google to see what could be wrong (Worst thing to do but you do it anyway... 1. Do I need to ring 999?
2. How to get fluids into a baby who won’t drink? -
3. Best foods to give baby when they aren’t eating properly?
4. Why won’t my baby stop crying? -
5. How long does it take for a tooth to cut through? -
6. How on earth are you meant to get a urine sample of a baby when they a pooping every hour?!?!
7. Also, Where can I find some sanity as I think I’ve lost mine?
There has been lots of cuddles today with my little squidge. He has been a poorly little boy and I have literally cuddled him the whole day and it is such a warming feeling to have him want mamma cuddles all day (minus the screams and throwing his food at my face)

He’s tucked up in bed with his bunny in his hand and I’ve been staring at him for the past 15 mins whilst writing this post. I couldn’t be more grateful of the beautiful little boy I’ve been blessed with. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day⭐️