A crazy list of Things we have given up to be on our way to mortgage free...... ⁣

I have cut OUT Manicures, pedicures, lash extensions, facials, fancy name brand accessories. No more Ulta beauty for this girl. I’ve become such a simple person. ⁣

We have become minimalists to some degree. We don’t want any extras in our home thus saving money. We have sold so much “stuff” that didn’t serve us purpose or bring us joy. ⁣

I’m ready to sell a dresser I’m that crazy on cutting back on clothes. ⁣

We drive older vehicles that are paid for. (Mine is 2010, Husband’s is 2015). I’ve NEVER leased a vehicle! We don’t get fancy rims etc. I wash my car myself in the summer. ⁣

We don’t have cable tv, just Netflix on a old tv. (Just 1 tv in our home) ⁣

No Amazon prime! ⁣

No expensive gym memberships. ⁣

No music services. I’m okay with commercials for free. ⁣

I clean my house myself even though I would love a cleaning service! ⁣

No Starbucks unless I have a gift card. ⁣

We mow our yard and do all fertilizing treatments ourselves. So much cheaper this way! ⁣

We buy gently used kid stuff before paying Full price. Just picked up a Halloween costume on FB marketplace for $5. ⁣

We Shop at Aldi and don’t eat out as much as we used to. We buy generic but a lot of organic produce and meat. ⁣

We try hard to have many no spend months. ⁣

As my husband says we don’t use AS much electricity or heat like most people 😂😂😂 (I won’t turn the heat on til it’s 60 in the house lol) ⁣

Small trade offs to pay this mortgage off ASAP!