About Courses

In my Online Academy you will find programs that i created in such a way that every dancer, from beginner to Pro can find inspiration and material for development.

✅Fluid Base 1, 2.

The first program, which is perfect for beginners and for ... teachers. Your perfect start to do exotic. The course is about how to feel your body, how fluidity and femininity is created in movements. Here is fundamental knowledge about your body and essential connections. POLE DOESN'T NEED, just some space around you.

The program is intensive, therefore it consists of two courses.

❤This course is like an exciting preparation for meeting with a man of your dreams.

✅Exotic Pole Base 1, 2.

Created for dancers of ANY level and for teachers. Basics and techniques of interaction with the Pole in an exotic way😋. How to approach it, how to work with it, the fundamentals of Exotics, how clean lines, grace and elegance in movements are created. NEED POLE!

The program is intensive, so it consists 2 courses.

💋This course is a date, meeting and the first touches of a dream man.

✅Dance out

The Course for Pros, advanced students and teachers. There is no base in here, you polish all skills that you get in previous programs or learn it somewhere else! In Dance Out we dance different choreography, we expand your dance vocabulary, we learn new movements and transitions. We train musicality, techniques and clear movements.

For each course I create an exclusive choreography.

🔥 This course is like sex with a perfect lover, it will be hot!

More info - link in bio 🙌🏻
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