After you get everything set up and ready for your launch, take the time to go back through and test. See things from a user’s standpoint. ⁣

Does the signup button work when clicked? Is your test email address being added to your list inside your email provider? Does the checkout work? Are all the links in your emails directing readers to the correct page?⁣

🤓Test, test, test!⁣

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone send out a sales email and then have to turn around and send a follow-up email apologizing for a broken link and include the correct link. ⁣

Don’t👏Do👏That👏 ⁣

Of course, we all make mistakes and nothing will ever be perfect, but if you take a few minutes to test things, you can avoid these mistakes. ⁣

You will also be able to avoid the feeling of panic that rushes over you when someone replies to your email only to let you know that your link or your button isn’t working. You will also be able to avoid the mad scramble of figuring out what’s going on, fixing things, and having to send a correction email out. ⁣

So save yourself the stress and take the extra time to test everything before pressing “Go!” on your launch.🚀 ⁣

Testing is a simple thing, but a step that so often gets overlooked. ⁣

Now go test, test, test! ⁣

👀 And if you would like a second set of eyes on your funnel, email sequence, or course/program/membership area, DM me!💌