It's not just a course, it's an ASSET
Several years ago, I got a burnout. A combination of professional and private issues had undermined my system, and I was forced to take a lot of steps back and seek healing.
This was the time that I laid the foundation of the Divine9 Dance Therapy® The Art of Being Feminine. I took everything that I had been teaching for many years, and created this method. And I danced. I danced towards my own healing!
Last year I launched this as an Online Education. An answer to the question I often received from women I worked with: How can we take you home with us, to keep doing the work and dance with you? Well, now you can, anywhere in the world, any time, any place! .
However, because this is a BIG program, I also got the feedback from women that they were not sure if it is was something for them. Especially from women who were not familiar with my work and method yet.
And so I created a new online course. Compact and lightweight!
Divine9 Dance Therapy® An Introduction is an great entry to my work, starting with simple movements and working towards more complex ones. You will learn about my method and experience what it does for you. Through a dance-on approach.
You'll be dancing with me in the convenience of your own home (or at work, or....), and you will learn all the basics of my work and method in a period of 4 weeks.
Moreover, you'll start to feel how practicing the movements and implementing them into your daily life, will bring changes to your life!
That's why I said at the beginning: It's not just a course, it's an ASSET
An Introduction can help bringing positive changes into your life. Because in the end, YOU are your greatest asset.
Will you be the next to join?⁠
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  • @zeestar2018 10 October, 2019

    @kaouthardarmoni yes it is an asset sis ♥️🔥

  • @lassds 10 October, 2019

    Love this introduction course.❤️