🌎 Virtual communication has long ago replaced live communication, making Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest our new realities...

🤔 Is it really bad news⁉️

🔎 With the advent of social media, it became easier for us to initiate and maintain relationships with each other, yet keeping secrets is almost impossible.

🔎 Likes and comments make us feel more valuable, yet their absence influences our self-esteem.

🔎 Social communication safes our time and long distance which is not a problem any more. We can reach anyone in a second yet our physical activity is less.

🔎 Being online helps us to learn more, opening our horizons, yet at the same time new knowledge may generate new fears and negative emotions.

☝️☝️In one word, the world became more transparent, and each of us contributes to the bigger picture‼️

Do you like it?

Of note: 🤓 Currently, I am learning in depth SEO technologies to understand better the psychology of digital world which grabs our attention and time. If someone has urgency to meeting with me, I am back to #Toronto for four days.

Toronto, Ontario