Do you have a financial plan? If you don't, you need one (Search for any one of these points on to learn more! - LINK IN BIO). Having a financial plan is basically your roadmap to wealth. It's important to have one in place because it will help you establish a pathway to becoming financially successful as well as protect what you build.⠀
The way you structure it depends on your unique life situation. It's also important that when you create your plan, you review and update it often!⠀
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  • @torontolifefinancial 26 November, 2019

    Awesome tips!! Keep it up!

  • @megangalane 24 November, 2019

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  • @aparna.mentor 13 November, 2019

    👍Good list. Having someone to guide us check off the list quickens the process.
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  • @moshtaagh2 13 November, 2019

    🌸Good luck👏🌺🌺🌺🌺🌹👌🌼🌹💙💙💙

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    Great info. Having a plan is everything!

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  • @simply_keryn 12 November, 2019

    I had an emergency today with my cat, thank goodness for my Emergency Fund. Guys please always be ready for the unexpected 🙏

  • @natalietealleonard 11 November, 2019

    I’m gonna tuck one or 2 of these into my #yes2020 goals!

  • @marie_victorine_o 11 November, 2019

    I need this!!!
    Thank you! ❤️

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  • @nationaldebtrelief 11 November, 2019

    Love how concrete this list is!

  • @single_mom_cpa 11 November, 2019

    I like that you ranked debt payoff before emergency savings, and agree. It’s better for the overall financial picture to ditch debt, especially high-interest debt like credit cards.

  • @oluchi1 11 November, 2019

    Too much 🤦🏾‍♀️ to do!