Hey guys! I am Amy Plano – The Reimbursement Dietitian. So many NEW and beautiful faces around here that I thought I would introduce myself and say 'Hi" to all you lovely dietitians. ⠀

💗 The Voo-Do that I do: I teach dietitians exactly how to make money using a health insurance-based practice model. ⠀

💲I have over a decade of experience running a profitable nutrition private practice, I truly understand first-hand the struggles dietitians face with getting started with accepting health insurance in their practices. ⠀

💲However, even more importantly, I also understand the financial benefit of accepting insurance in your practice. ⠀

🙌 After all, my practice is almost exclusively insurance-based and I easily generate a multi 6-figure salary. ⠀

💗 Through my one-one reimbursement coaching program, I teach dietitians exactly how to use health insurance to make money in your practice. ⠀

In fact, I walk you step-by-step through the process. Ensuring you know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. ⠀ ⠀
💁No more spinning your wheels. No more second-guessing yourself. Just true and tried systems that seamlessly create revenue for your practice using a health-based insurance model. ⠀ Whether you choose to go ‘all in’ with insurance or simply decide to dabble (cherry-picking the carriers you want to become credentialed with), I demystify the insurance process and show you the specific steps necessary to leverage the shit out accepting health insurance your nutrition private practice and make money. ⠀

And I am there every step of the way. To ensure your success. ⠀

Click the ‘Book’ button in my profile to schedule a FREE discovery call to apply for my 1:1 reimbursement coaching program. ⠀

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