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I love making buyers’ dreams come true in Valencia, CA!⠀

There are so many big decisions we make in our lives, from choosing what to do for a living, who we choose for a life partner, and where we choose to live. I’ve long said the last of the three is the most important of all, because it truly shapes the other two.⠀

Where we live plays a huge role in the job opportunities and career networks that are open to us, and the people we get to meet, date, and ultimately, choose as our life partners.⠀

Valencia is the perfect place for anyone to get a fresh start, settle down, or retire.⠀

Here are a few things I love about this city:⠀

1. It’s the perfect size! It has the appeal of a small town, but is just a half-hour drive to Los Angeles. ⠀

2. The city is well maintained. We have great public libraries, parks, and other city facilities that are constantly improving. The city is also taking steps to move towards a healthier way of living, so you can enjoy a bike ride through the paseos without ever having to cross a busy street!⠀

3. Honestly, the people make this city! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people to the point where I can’t imagine life without them. The energy of the city is positive, which is so obviously reflected in the people who reside here.⠀

Tell me, what are some qualities you desire in your ideal city?⠀


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Valencia, Santa Clarita, California