My Romantic story❤️

So guys who wants to know my romantic story? 🙈 I’m sure you’re all thrilled to here it! Lol just kidding 😀 but in the spirit of the coming. Valentine’s... 😍

I’m writing this from New Orleans in the USA where my dear partner and I are celebrating our anniversary. It has become our good tradition to go somewhere new each year for this date. We designated February 1 as “The Day” as it is easy to remember. In fact, we first exchanged messages just before the New Year - yes, we met via a group on Facebook! 😅 consider me modern 😂

I was just back from Florida and I have just opened Grosvenor Apartments! Ta Dam 🤩 you see how all great things came together in my life? So I was really ready to make a break through, it seemed, as I “shouted out” in that group (which was for the singles committed to self development and conscious living), “Are there any eligible bachelors here?!” And believe me, I meant it. I came back from America with a firm intent to commit.

He replied a day or so after - good sign, meant he had a life beyond Facebook! And he asked me out right away, another good sign - no wasting time 😄 Anyway, we met - he drove 2 ½ hours to Bath for lunch, and then I came to where he lived, and then it was St Valentine’s, and he brought me a lovely mug with a heart and a stone with “love” on it. That was it, the rest is history 😍❤️

Here’s to love folks, believe it what you want and go for it! 🥂

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