Just reading this great paper by Lia Andrews in the Journal of Chinese Medicine that talks about these three great windows we have to set ourselves up for vitality and good health across our life span.
Our big transitions are Menarche, pregnancy and menopause. Upheaval of hormones, the build up and discharge of blood and changing in social roles, create a potentially vulnerable physiological state. Disharmony can be ignored and repressed or you can receive it as helpful messages from your body. 'These imbalances might show themselves as a whisper during Menses, a stern voice during post partum, then a howling scream during menopause...'
When we push our bodies all our life, ignoring those warning signs, once perimenopause begins we are depleted creating opportunity for other imbalances to manifest.
Restorative exercise, diet and daily relaxation and rest plus great sleep are key in this time.
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