Through our journal we’ve been updating you on the best suitable products, so your skin stays unbothered no matter your routine but what about when you get back home, exhausted? Stressed skin is unhealthy which leads to ageing and ephemeral skin procedures is not something we want for our customers.
At Wikka we believe in healing with a holistic approach for a long-lasting effect on the skin. Our Honey and Avocado Face Pack follows the old school techniques of soothing and moisturizing the skin in an all natural way. The honey will make sure your skin pops and give you a refreshing glow while the avocado is excellent to treat break out and give you an even tone skin.

Grab your favourite magazine or turn on your favourite show, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and relax while the Face Pack works its Wikka Magic on you. With Wikka make this Thursday about you and your skin.
✔️Pure Forest Honey: rich in antioxidants, reduces spots and gives your skin a natural glow.
✔️Avocado oil: Perfect to treat acne, helps in moisturizing the skin and takes care of dryness
✔️Wheat germ oil: works to get you an even tone skin, contains benefits from Vitamin A, D and B helps and reduces further skin damage.
✔️Vitamin E: makes the skin soft and helps in reducing scars.
How to use: shake well to blend the two layers loosely. Take a teaspoon of the potion onto your palm and apply to your face and neck. Leave for about 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Avoid soap after using this pack.

Wikka’s Essence – Therapeutic formulations by Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, UK-trained aromatherapy practitioner with 10+ years of experience in healing with aromatherapy | Merging of Indian heritage with modern science | intensive R&D and testing mechanisms | Cellular level impact & holistic healing | Paraben, sulphate and artificial colours and ingredients free

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