"they tried to bury us. they didn’t know we were seeds" 👑 this view of our West African brothers and sisters on the other side of the Door of No Return in Cape Coast, Ghana brought tears to my eyes. after everything our people have gone through, we still allow ourselves to be happy, to play, to be present and alive. freedom is our birthright. we will always thrive ☀️ .
come experience the land of your ancestors this year in Togo, Ghana and Benin ( #WestAfrica ). our next trip is this August 1-16 and Dec 26 - Jan 10. prepare for the journey of a lifetime as you reconnect with your roots and plant your feet on the Motherland’s fertile soil. it’s time to come home. Mama Africa welcomes you 😌
our aim is for you to access and discover your native home with ease. we offer all-inclusive packages that cover your flight, housing, main meals, transportation and all excursions. flexible payment plans available. click the #linkinbio for more info or visit magicandmelanin.com/travel to sign up ❤️✈️🌍 .
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Cape Coast, Ghana



  • @msalexbaby 16 June, 2019

    Ghana filled my soul ♥️

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  • @ari.official1 16 June, 2019

    I’ll soon be able to afford to get to experience this ❤️ can’t wait.

  • @typhanyjanee 16 June, 2019


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  • @don_timaya 15 June, 2019

    I just had a look at your photos. Your perspective is normal but composition is great! Just wanted to say 😉✌