I’m officially a valley girl ✨🧡💫📱
#siliconvalley #girlsintech #california

Santa Clara, California



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  • @stevend_81 14 July, 2019

    Im in San Jose!

  • @ritzz_d 13 July, 2019

    So you’re just gonna grow up without me then ? 🤔

  • @rukuhlehyah 13 July, 2019

    Awh congratulations!!

  • @rukuhlehyah 13 July, 2019

    Awh congratulations!!

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    Congratulations girl!🙌🏼

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    Have fun !! You look beautiful ! Enjoy living in the California 🌴 @sophia_nicolee_

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  • @its.jcruz 12 July, 2019

    So stylish!!!👏🔥🤩

  • @jcupty 12 July, 2019

    Who’s the lucky company?

  • @just.brown 12 July, 2019

    So happy for you!! ✨🤗

  • @gertjanvisuals 12 July, 2019

    Loving this edit!

  • @nabil.elasfouri 12 July, 2019

    You’re built like a valley girl

  • @sophia_nicolee_ 12 July, 2019

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